Beyond the Classroom engages talented and diverse undergraduate students from across the University of Maryland in a nationally recognized program focused on civic engagement and leadership, preparing them to be active and responsible citizens and leaders in a complex, multi-cultural, and global context.


Beyond the Classroom develops and provides catalytic and transformative curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities with academic experience, rigor, and challenge that will prepare students to achieve their educational and professional goals as active citizens and leaders.


Beyond the Classroom will achieve the following:

  • Enhance the overall academic scope, challenge and rigor of its educational program through its courses, internship opportunities, and its living-learning community activities.
  • Advance curricular transformation and integration through its focus on learning about and analyzing issues of concern in the world that may be influenced by personal action and commitment.
  • Increase its engagement of faculty, staff, and community partners in its mission of interdisciplinary teaching, research and civic service.
  • Enable students to develop their knowledge building, problem-solving, and critical thinking about vital civic issues at the local, national and global levels.